About SFI

Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK(SZ)

The Shenzhen government entrusts CUHK (SZ) with the funds and resources to establish the Shenzhen Finance Institute. The institute aims to provide a globally recognized center in the field of economics and finance that nurtures innovative talents; cultivates an advanced global research base; builds international academic exchange platforms; and serves as a strategic planning think-tank. The establishment of the Shenzhen Finance Institute will fulfill the Chinese government’s “One Belt, One Road” strategic plan; satisfy increased demand for advanced education and research-based institutions brought on by Shenzhen’s rapid economic growth;advance cooperation with Hong Kong; meet both the mainstream academic and industrial need for a research platform that understands the Chinese economy; and confront the challenge and opportunity of the global economic and financial market. Detailed responsibilities include:

(1) Cultivate innovative talents: The first batch of the graduate students have registered for the Master of Science Program in Finance in 2016; The relevant recruitment and launch for the Master of Science in Economics Program and Master of Science in Accounting Program already started;

(2) Carry out high level research: Establish post-doctoral platforms;recruit exceptional scholars,domestically and internationally, to study the Chinese economy; and specialize in studying and resolving issues regarding the economic markets and policy developments inShenzhen and Hong Kong;

(3) Establish an international exchange platform: Host periodical global academic conferences.We plan to cohost a variety of academic forums with the IMF (International Money Fund), Princeton University, and the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research);

(4) Serve as a think-tank for financial and strategic planning: Establish an innovation oriented research center and form research teams to focus on cutting-edge economic issues and projects related to governmental policy;

(5) Collaborate actively with financial institutions: Collaboratively establish a Chinese stock market research base with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; host regular academic seminars and workshops; and organize frequent seminars with notable industry professionals regarding cutting-edge financial issues to promote positive social and industry changes.