Faculty of MSFin



  • Prof. Tom Bain, MBA (Columbia University)
    Programme Industry Director
    Formerly worked at JPMorgan, Central Bank of Bahamas and Barclays Wealth at various managerial positions
    Founder of Bain Leadership Advisors Ltd.
  • Prof. Yves GUO, PhD (Ecole Centrale Paris)
    Formerly worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Standard Chartered Bank at various managerial positions
    Currently in the position of MD at BNP Paribas
  • Dr. Jie TANG  Former Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen
  • Dr. Yanhua LIU, PhD (Columbia University)
    Formerly worked at Morgan Stanley
    Currently in the position of MD at Ping An Securities
  • Dr. Raymond Lei CHEN  General Director of Xiamen FinTech
  • Ms. Pengfeng ZHANG  Vice President of Corporate Financing Headquarters, China Industrial Bank
  • Dr. Yingying YAN  Director of Investment and Financing, Paladin Capital Management
  • Mr. Shan LU  Chairman of Dayu Capital Management
  • Dr. Haibin ZHU  Chief Economist, JP Morgan Chase
  • Dr. Xin FENG  Principal, Wizardquant Capital Management
  • Dr. Wei WANG  Managing Director, BOC International
  • Dr. Zhen WEI  Head of China Research, MSCI
  • Dr. Yiming LIANG
    Managing Director and Trading Supervisor (Financial Markets), Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong)
  • Mr. Hui WANG Co-founder, Highlight Capital
  • Mr. Abdeslam BENNANI
    Head of Trading of Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Derivatives, Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong